Raising beautiful, pampered Exotics & Ragdolls from Grand Champion lines

Kat-uby Kats

About Our Cats...

Hi... My name is Carrie and I am carrying on my mom’s legacy of raising and breeding Exotics and Ragdolls from Grand Champion lines in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. My mom was involved in the cat fancy for 18 years. This is a time consuming hobby, but I find it enjoyable and  rewarding.  


Our cats roam free. New mommies and babies are

contained in birthing crates in the nursery for proper nutrition and care, just until babies are able to get around, they then have free run of the nursery, where we only keep moms, babies, and pregnant queens. We provide cat trees and condos and toys for our cats and kittens. We will only have a couple of litters a year and will not over-breed. Our Exotics live with, and are raised and socialized by my best friend and veterinarian, whom I trust explicitly and who shares my values regarding breeding.  


We are PKD/FLV free. Our Exotics are tested for the PKD gene by UC Davis. Our Ragdolls are tested negative for the HCM gene, which is backed up by a 3 generation pedigree.


   We’re glad you stopped by! Take a look around and get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to talk about adding a new member to your family!


A baby from our current litter